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Your Anonymity is our Priority

Anonymous Mixer allows you to regain your privacy when it comes to staying anonymous with your crypto finances. Because the majority cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereums and more, relies on a publick blockchain: As long as someone (individuals, compagnies, government) can link your true identity to your wallet address, all of your financial activity is openly readable on the blockchain. The result is a full transparency regarding how much you hold (held), receive (received), and how you spend (spent) your cryptocurrencies.
Mix your crypto today and regain your privacy in a heartbeat.

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Multi-Currency Mixer

Anonymous Mixer has been designed to provide the best mixing service to the most used crypto-currencies.

Mixer's Key Features

Anonymous Mixer relies on the best technologies combined with a powerfull mixing process to ensure full untraceability of your crypto coins.

Easy to Use

Because Privacy should be reachable to everyone, Anonymous Mixer is user-friendly and makes it simple to mix your coins.


Anonymous Mixer is fully protected against chain-analysis and only delivers Anonymous and Untraceable coins.

No Registration

Users can use Anonymous Mixer mixing services without registering or providing any personal information.


Anonymous Mixer does not fall under "Know Your Customer" regulations. Hence, we do not verify the identity.

No Log Policy

Anonymous Mixer does not collect, track, store or share any data that can be used to identify you or your wallet.

Tor Friendly

To achieve the highest level of anonymity, Anonymous Mixer has been designed to support Tor Browser users.

How-To Mix Crypto

There is few simple but important steps to follow in order to sucessfully mix your coins and truly break the connection between your identity & your wallet address.

By using Anonymous Mixer and folowing those crucial steps, you will gain Privacy over your coins and wallet without compromising your Anonymity.

Create a New Wallet

Because your old wallet might already be subject to an anonymity-breach, is is important to start by creating a new anonymous wallet that will be dedicated to receive your mixed & anonymous coins. You can create a new wallet using your favorite wallet app (Trust Wallet, ...), browser extension (Metamask, ...) or hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor).

Set up the Mixer

After selecting the coin you wish to mix, set your new wallet's address as Recipient to receive your untraceable coins and choose a Transfer Delay.

Send Traceable Coins

Send the traceable coins you wish to mix to the wallet address provided by the mixer. The transaction will automatically appear on the mixer.

Receive Untraceable Coins

After waiting for your chosen Transfer Delay, your Untraceable coins will be send to your new Anonymous wallet address.

Keep it Anonymous

A single anonymity-breach will be enough to allow anyone to look at your financial activities, including your previous transactions, it is then important to avoid any breach on your new Anonymous wallet. Should you wish to send crypto to anyone without risking to breach your wallet's Anonymity, you can do it safely by using Anonymous Mixer as a gate and setting his/her wallet address as recipient.

Ready to Mix?

You read the How-To above and you are now ready to mix your crypto-currencies? Let's do it!

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